Ceramic coatings for unbeatable protection

When it comes to adding gloss, resisting swirls, contaminant and repelling dirt, ceramic coatings are the pinnacle in paint protection.

Standard Paint ceramic coating

1 layer of crystal Serum offering a good level of gloss and protection, 9h hardness with a 5 year guarantee. 

Premium Paint ceramic coating

1 layer of Crystal Serum offering excellent gloss and protection levels, 10h hardness, stronger chemical resistance and a 9 year guarantee. (professional only coating)

Unbeatable paint ceramic coating

A single layer of Ultra topped with 2 layers of EXO for the unbeatable level of protection, gloss, slickness and water behaviour. 10h hardness, 9 year guarantee. (professional only coating)

Alloy wheels ceramic coating

Coating Alloy wheels makes then super easy to clean and keeps them cleaner for longer.

Benefits of ceramic coatings-

  • Up to 10H hardness protective layer
  • Scratch and swirl resistant
  • Chemical resistant (Ph2 to Ph12)
  • Resistant to bird droppings and bug etching
  • Added gloss levels
  • Keeps your car looking cleaner for longer
  • Easier to clean

      Gtechniq ceramic coatings require the vehicle to be left with us at our secure detailing studio for a minimum of 12 hours once the coating(s) have been applied.

       We do recommend that the vehicle is machine polished before the coatings are applied to achieve the best finish by removing any defects such as swirls. However coatings can be applied without machine polishing. in such cases we will remove any bug or bird dropping etching free of charge.

      Please message us for more information on machine polishing and paint correction. We also offer paint correction and ceramic coating packages.

    Why choose AR Detailing & Valeting for your ceramic coating?

    AR Detailing & Valeting are certified by Gtechniq, one of the biggest and well known ceramic coating companys in the world.

    We have a purpose built detail bay, that we are continuing to improve. COATINGS SHOULD NOT BE APPLIED OUTSIDE.

    All vehicles undergo a 7 stage decontamination before any coating is applied to ensure the longevity of the coating.

     All our coatings are guaranteed by Gtechniq, as a part of been certified detailers. (Does not include matt paint)

    We only use the very best and safest products on all our customer’s vehicles.
    Passion for ceramic coatings and the industry.

    Why we use Gtechniq Crystal Serum as our entry level coating.


    Gtechniq is the market leader in ceramic coatings and car care, known and used around the world. Gtechniq offer ceramic coatings starting from 18 months protection. So why do we offer Crystal Serum as our entry level ceramic coating?

    The answer is simple, to offer you, the customer a superior product at an entry level price. With only one 3 levels of coating to chose from, it takes the confusion out of which ceramic coating is right for your vehicle..


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    What is a ceramic coating?

    The easiest way to describe a ceramic coating is to think of it as a second layer of skin, or a sacrificial layer of protection over your car’s clear coat (lacquer). This gives your paint an ultra-durable, high-gloss, slick to the touch, chemically bonded hard layer of optically clear ceramic.

    The nano ceramic coating forms a semi-permanent bond, resulting in a ‘sacrificial’ layer that will not wash away or break down over a short period of time, similar to a wax which lasts approximately a month. In fact, the durability is so protective it will last years.

    At AR Detailing & Valeting we use Gtechniq Crystal Serum lasting up to 5 years with fantastic gloss levels as our entry level coating. This ceramic coating can then be layered with Gtechniq EXO coating for even more protection, gloss and hydrophobic properties.