Superior detailing and valeting

From cleaning the family car, to detailing your classic car ready for a concourse show, to protecting your new pride and joy with a ceramic coating, AR Detailing & Valeting offers the same standard of quality workmanship across all our services.


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What is detailing?

Common misconceptions about auto detailing are; isn’t it just washing a car or it’s another word for valeting? In fact it means so much more. To produce a show winning finish, you will require more than a bucket of water and a squeegee.

It’s about giving the same amount of detail and attention to the parts only the driver can see, as you would the visible features of the car. It’s not just cleaning a vehicle; it’s enhancing it to look its very best, and then protecting it.

It’s cleaning, correcting and protecting
It’s passion
It’s perfection

Our services:

Interior and exterior valets
Classic car detailing
Motorbike detailing

Machine polishing

Scratch and swirl removal

Leather care and interior protection


Paint correction
Ceramic coatings

Alloy wheel refurbishment

Brake caliper painting

paintless dent repair

 and removed Paint correction

Is an unsightly scratch ruining the look of your bodywork or have you noticed swirls in your paint under the petrol station lights? Let our technicians take a look. With over 15 years of experience and access to the leading products on the market, we can easily remove scratches, swirls and holograms. With scratch removal starting at just £50 per panel, or full car packages available, it’s the smart option for restoring your paintwork and having your vehicle look its very best.

This photo was taken while on a Rupes machine polishing training course in 2023. The scratches was created with keys and sandpaper.


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